The Impossible Route

Everyone has their own Impossible Route. It might be climbing a volcano or finishing a single mile. The Impossible Route documentary series is about capturing the story and the adventure of cyclists trying to accomplish what might be considered IMPOSSIBLE. This endeavor is not about racing; it’s about finding adventure, pushing the limit, and then going beyond what is thought to be possible.

The first Impossible Route expedition took place on Mauna Kea in 2020. The adventure has continued ever since, with two seasons of expeditions filmed and plans for Season 3. The vision is to grow this inspiration into a community of cyclists of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels who want to overcome their Impossible Route.

The Impossible Route Patreon

New in 2023, The Impossible Route is offering Patreon memberships.

Through Patreon your support will enable the series to share even more content and produce additional episodes. Did you know each FREE-to-you Impossible Route episode has cost an average $25,000 to produce? 

This is where YOU come in. Many hands make for light work.

The Impossible Routes is sitting on a mountain of behind-the-scenes content and unused footage. Through Patreon, The Impossible Route is offering access to this and more. The team will host live events, in person opportunities, an incredible professional photo gallery of hundreds of photos, and give you a chance to vote on a future episode. All this for the cost of grandé Starbucks coffee.

This season, through Patreon, The Impossible Route team will share discounts, offer exclusive merchandise, trips, ride-alongs, and content seen nowhere else in the world.

Join in the quest to find out what's possible!

Route Builder

Ready to chart your own adventure? Use the Strava Route Builder then find out what's possible!


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