The Impossible Route

Everyone has their own personal Impossible Route. It might be climbing a volcano or just finishing a single mile. The Impossible Route documentary series is all about capturing the story and the adventure of cyclists trying to accomplish what might be considered IMPOSSIBLE. This endeavor is not about racing; it’s about finding adventure, pushing the limit, and then going beyond what is thought to be possible.

The first Impossible Route expedition took place on Mauna Kea in 2020. There are four episodes planned for 2021. The ultimate goal is to grow this vision into a community for cyclists of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels who want to overcome THEIR Impossible Route.

Latest News

The Trans Appalachian Lost Roads expedition is complete, but was it possible?

The episode premieres July, 27 8AM (PDT). Tyler Pearce Jeremiah Bishop Travis Longfellow smile while riding bikes out of the Blue Ridge Tunnel

Route Builder

Ready to chart your own adventure? Use the Strava Route Builder then find out what's possible!


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Impossible Route Challenge

Inspired to set a new goal? Join the Impossible Route: Death Valley 165-Mile Gravel Challenge on Strava.

From May 1-15, get outside and ride 165 miles on Strava and get rewarded with a digital Impossible Route finisher badge in your trophy case. 

You're motivated to find out what you're capable of. Together let's see what's possible!

Impossible Route Strava Challenge Badge



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