Impossible Route: Ep. 4 Telluride Hell Ride

Each of the Impossible Routes has been difficult, but only one has been called a “Hell Ride.”

In the season finale of the Impossible Route documentary series, Colorado-based Canyon athlete Ryan Petry joins The Vegan Cyclist and Jeremiah Bishop to take on a new route of legendary proportions.

In the southwest corner of Colorado, the jagged San Juan Mountains are reminiscent of the European Alps. Known as the 4x4 Jeep capital of the world, the San Juan Mountains’ network of loose and rocky roads makes a perfect setting to build one hell of a route. The Telluride Hell Ride is steep! Over the course of 140 kilometers (87miles), the route climbs 8,300 meters (27,000 feet). Which facet of these mountains will challenge the riders the most? Will it be the ruthlessly steep gradients, the unforgiving rocky surface, or the lung-burning altitude?

Can the route be completed before sundown or will it prove to be impossible?