Picture of professional photographer Jake Orness smiling

A self-proclaimed shutterbug and former elite mountain bike racer, Jake Orness joined the Impossible Route: Death Valley crew as staff photographer for Eliel.

Caravanning along in his Sprinter, Jake brought his passion for van-life and his love of adventure on the bike as much as anyone. Where the route got too rugged for the photography truck to follow, the team relied on Jake’s cycling experience and appreciated his enthusiasm to chase the riders and shoot from an e-bike. In his photographs, Jake captured the best and worst of moments of the expedition.

For Jake’s behind-the-scenes story of the Impossible Route: Death Valley, read his blog at Eliel.

Jake publishes his personal photographic journal at JPOV.net.


Professional photographer Jake Orness is seen standing on a majestic desert rock feature above a vast sandy landscape