Chef Biju Thomas

Chef Biju Thomas smiles

Chef Biju Thomas is a professional chef known for light, simple dishes bursting with bold flavors. Chef Biju has designed menus for many popular restaurants, and had great success with his own restaurant, Biju’s Little Curry Shop,growing to three locations before closing amidst the pandemic.

In 2009, Chef Biju teamed up with sports physiologist Dr. Allen Lim to improve the everyday diets and performance nutrition of professional cyclists and their teams. In the years since, Chef Biju has cooked for dozens of elite professional cyclists, teaching them the craft of cooking. His Feed Zone series of books with Lim, including The Feed Zone Cookbook and Feed Zone Portables, feature 225 easy, healthy recipes and snack ideas for an active lifestyle.

Throughout the Impossible Route: Death Valley expedition, Chef Biju was the glue that held it all together. Biju drove the RV, set up camp, booked hotels and campsites, and managed some major surprises along the way - all the while cooking every meal for the entire team, and each meal was AMAZING!

Chef Biju Thomas prepares a meal in the desert over a portable campstove.